List of Hollywood Celebrities Who Own Private Jets

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Flying commercial can be quite frustrating. The lines in security are long, planes can get delayed or canceled, and the ride is cramped and uncomfortable. That’s why many of the richest celebrities opt to fly private. These particular celebrities took it a step further by buying their luxurious private jets.

1. John Travolta

The famous actor and dancer is known as an enthusiastic pilot who has flown over 35,000 miles as a solitary pilot. John Travolta owns five planes:

  • 3 Gulfstream jets
  • 1 Lear jet
  • 1 Boeing 707-138

The best part is that he keeps his planes with him at his house for easy access.

2. Mark Cuban

As the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban must get his team to and from games safely and comfortably. Luckily, they’re riding in style in his Boeing 767-277 worth $144.1 million. Cuban even made the seats larger so that his tall players had enough room. He also got himself in the Guinness Book of World Records for the making the largest online purchase in history when he bought this plane online.

3. Donald Trump

The Donald is known for his wealth, so he naturally has a private jet that demonstrates just how wealthy he is. The Donald doesn’t just want to ride privately and comfortably; he wants to ride in excessive luxury. His Boeing 727-23 is 30 feet in length and fits 32 passengers. Naturally, he updated the features to include the Trump logo in 23-carat gold on the outside of the jet as well as crystal lamps and gold in the interior. It even has a bedroom, guest bedroom, dining room, and conference room for those, especially long trips. After the expensive renovations, it’s estimated that the jet is worth $100 million.

4. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey understands the importance of safety because he bought the Gulfstream V- the safest private jet available. It’s also quite fast and can fit 16 people. While some people opt for luxury, Jim Carrey went with both practicality and luxury. His plane is estimated to be worth $59 million.

5. Jay-Z

What’s the best gift that you’ve ever been given? Well, Beyonce gave her husband, Jay-Z, a Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet worth 40 million dollars. On the way to different concerts or vacation, these two enjoy the comfort of a bedroom, two bathrooms, and a kitchen for when they get hungry.

6. Oprah

When you’re the queen of daytime television, you need to travel the world to different events in style. Her Bombardier Global Express XRS has room for ten people in comfortable leather seats. The plane can reach 51,000 feet and costs roughly $42 million.

A private jet allows these celebs to fly in comfort and class while they go to different events. Start saving up if you’d like to have your private jet, too!

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