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Using the KLN-90B GPS

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Tired of trying to read the huge manual? Too many things to think about? Frustrated that you can't make your GPS do more? Do we have a solution for you!

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Flying the King Air

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Want to know more about operating your King Air correctly? If so, we have another great new product for you!

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The King Air Book

A treasury of thirty-seven years of flying and teaching experience in the world's most popular executive aircraft.

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Part 1 - Flying Tips
Your Four Friends1
IFR Approaches - The Basics9
When an Engine Quits17
Using Checklists25
Whoa, Big Fella!29
Steep Turn Tips35
Using the Flight Director43
Give Yourself a Checkride49
King Air Piloting Tips53
Handling Crosswinds61
Utilizing the Track Display71
Flying Arcs77
Short Field Techniques81
Leg Mode vs. OBS Mode85
Thunderstorm Avoidance in the New Age93
Using the BC Mode Correctly101
Avionics Updating105
Part 2 - Technical Topics
Starting PT6- Powered King Airs115
Engine Starting Again127
The PT6 Fuel System133
The Condition Lever145
Pneumatic Fuel Management153
Setting Cruise Power Correctly159
Recording Engine Cycles169
C90B Fuel Management173
Bleed Air Usage Tips183
Old Myths That Refuse to Die189
Propellers - What Pilots Can Check197
Autofeather - What a Great System!205
300-Series Low Pitch Stops215
King Air Ramblings227
Hot Weather Ground Operation237
Cold Weather Ground Operation243
Electric Heater Usage247
Collins FCS-65 Flight Control System253
SPZ-200A and SPZ-4000 Flight Control Systems265
Collins AP-105/FD-108 or FD-109 AP/FD System279
Rudder Boost Systems289
Cabin Air Circulation and Temperature Balance301
The Lost Opportunity307
Questions and Answers311
Part 3 - Bonus Extras
90-Series History323
B100 Review and Commentary333
Flying to Europe347
Special Delivery to Japan355
Flying the South Pacific371
Early Flying Memories383

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