"One of the best training videos I have purchased"
   -Steve, Denver

"Very informative, thanks Tom."
   -Joshua, Seattle

"I have owned my KLN-90B GPS for two years, and wasn't aware of some of its features until I watched your video. Thanks."
   -Bob, Texas

"This is a great perspective on Flying a King Air"
   -Jeff, Phoenix

"A great way to get started in flying a King Air."
   -Rick, Miami

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I have read the book entirely, several times. It sits next to my bed for review.

Even if you are not a King Air person, there is a TON of information covering everything from GPS, Approaches, CHECKLISTS, autopilot, winter operations, etc.

Not just a King Air book. Heck, most of the stuff applies very directly to all of our flying.

Highly recommended for any pilot.

- Tom J., Phoenix
I'll second the fact that the book is worth it's weight in gold! Tom's communication skills are second to none. The book is sort of like a fun flight review! Best hands on instruction one can receive in a book form. Priceless! Thanks Tom for sharing and making your experience, knowledge and love for the King Air available to all of us.

- Pat F., Phoenix
I have been through two sessions of Flight Safety, and your book answered some questions they could not! I am looking forward to being able to read it completely....

Brent S., Lubbock
I just received by copy of the Tom's book. The only thing wrong with book was I could not stop reading it until 2:30 AM.

The book should be renamed to: "The King Air Bible".

- Dewey S.
I highly recommend this book and the king air DVD as well. A must have, not only for King air operators, but for all pilots.

- Cesar A., Florida
You should not consider buying or flying a King Air without reading this book.

Best money you can spend to be a knowledgeable King Air owner, A &P, or pilot.

I've given away more than one, they never give them back!

- Bob S.
I lost count of how many times I have watched this fantastic video. Tom makes the C90 look so easy by breaking it down into the steps you need to train into memory and shows just how docile this incredible aircraft is when flown properly. I look forward to having an opportunity to fly with Tom someday although I would feel like I'd already been up a bunch of times from the video.

- Zane G., Beaverton OR
I recently competed my C90 initial training with Tom. We were lucky enough to talk him out of his well spent retirement. (It also helps he lives nearby)

If you are interested in King Airs, his book and DVD are the best way to spend your time getting up to speed. (Or learn something new if you already are up to speed!)

Tom, Thank you for providing me with an incredible initial training course in our new C90.

Your course materials, syllabus and flight instruction techniques are the best I have experienced in my 15 years of flying.

What started us down the road to King Air ownership was your book and video. They are chalked full of practical advice and techniques on how to safely operate King Airs while also being mindful of passenger comfort, ownership and practical maintenance management issues.

- Reg C.

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